A little about me...
Can I first say how grateful I am that you decided to check out my work. I am a photographer based in San Francisco, California who specializes in photographing portraits and head-shots. I am also a marketing and public relations manager at the InterContinental San Francisco and Luce. Not only do I photograph amazing people; but I also shoot food and drinks. Please check it out under "Taste." I also have a mild video game obsession.
I grew up in Honolulu, Hawaii and moved to Washington for college; where I studied biology and chemistry. Afterwards I went to graduate school at the University of Oregon to obtain a degree in material science. So you might be thinking "This guy doesn't have photography background." And I would say I am so lucky I didn't go to school for photography. Because it allowed me to see the world in a different way than most photographers. When we meet and discuss what you are looking for in a photoshoot, I want to know as much as we can to capture the essence that makes who you are. I want to help you make your brand, company, etc, standout from others. My absolute favorite type of photography is black and white, and anything that shows a lot of depth.  
I am a 10+ time published photographer! Yay! You can see my work on DNA Magazine, Buzz Cut Magazine (Elegant Magazine), Vous Magazine, Makeda Magazine, Glamville Magazine, and Art of Portrait Magazine. (probably missing a few. I can't keep track.) 
What to Expect
Imagine going into a shoot with no experience in posing. That is completely okay. I will get to know you and figure out what you plan on using the photos for and from there determine what will articular your best feature. I will show you some of the photos taken during the shoot and collaborate what works and what doesn't. Again, this goes for portrait and food photography.