Where do you shoot
I can shoot anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area. I do have a minimum location shoot fee. If you are outside of the San Francisco Bay Area, please contact me as I would love to work with you. 
Who takes the pictures
Just me. At times when you book with bigger corporations, you can get a random photographer. So, when you see the work on their website you don't know actually know who took the pictures you like or if they'll be the one taking your pictures. I took all the pictures you see on my website, and I'll be the one taking your picture.

What backdrops can we use
Before each shoot we will go over the outfit you will be wearing. From there we can determine what will go well with your style and background, that way it won't clash with one another. 
Do you do environmental shots
Yes, I can do environmental shots. Environmental portraits are more complicated so there are additional fees. Please contact me so we can go over the details to properly estimate the cost.

What kind of camera do you use
First, let me be clear about this: The camera a photographer uses makes no difference in the quality of the pictures you get. All modern digital cameras produce great images. As long as the camera was made in the last 5 years, the photographer matters more than the camera. That being said, I use a Canon 6D Mark II. I love Canon because the color science. The ability to not only take quality images, but also the vibrant colors it captures. 

Will there be makeup provided
Makeup will not be provided and will not be an option for the foreseeable future due to COVID-19.

How many images are taken during the shoot
I don't limit the number of images taken during the shoot and I don't shoot a specific number of images. Each shoot and person will have a different flow which results in more or less than another shoot. On average I typically take 50-100 images during a 30 minute session. Needless to say, there will be a lot of great images to choose from.

How are images delivered
All proofs and final images are delivered online for quick and easy access. Raw files are not provided but can be purchased.

How many images do I get
For the standard individual session you will get 2 high resolution images from the shoot. All images are retouched. You will also get to choose four variations of the final retouched photo: standard look, black & white, warmer look, and cooler look. Sessions with more than 3 people only receive the retouched image.
For the couple session, you will get 4 high resolution images from the shoot. All images are retouched. You will also get to choose four variations of the final retouched photo. The same details as a individual session.

What is your turn around time
You will typically receive proofs from the session within 24-72 hours. The final retouched images arrive within a 5-7 business days after making your final selections. Rush orders are possible with a fee. For group sessions the timing will be longer based on the number of people photographed.

What are my rights to the image
The final images you paid for are yours and yours only. If you decided to sell them to a third party (advertisements, marketing, companies), we can discuss how we can go about that.

- There are no refunds for any retainers/payments for any reason whatsoever unless a mistake was made on my part. Due to the complexity of scheduling many shoots in a day and the time preparing and setting up for a shoot I have a strict cancelation/rescheduling policy.   
- For outdoor shoots, retainers and payments are non-refundable unless there was an error on my part. Shoots can be rescheduled, but if you reschedule with less than 7 day notice there will be a $20 per person rescheduling fee. If you want to reschedule with less than 48 hour notice the fee is $50 per person. If your session was booked within 48 hours of the session time you will be responsible for the 7 day reschedule fee.  I must be informed if you can't make a session or need to reschedule 3 hours prior to the session start time otherwise the session can not be rescheduled. If you do not show up for an appointment or inform me you will not make it with less than three hours notice, you would need to pay any balance due before booking a new session.
- Rescheduling with less than 24 hours for sessions with more than five people will result in the loss of your retainer or payment. For any location shoot, the shoot can’t be rescheduled less than 7 days from the shoot without loosing your full retainer/payment. 
- Scheduling or rescheduling issues are not a valid reason for a refund.  Due to the popularity of my service there are typically long wait times to get in. Please do not make assumptions about what a “long wait” is. Unfortunately I can’t say here what the current availability is because my schedule is constantly changing. If you have any date expectations, restrictions or deadlines please contact me prior to booking to ensure I can meet your timeline because a refund will not be possible after booking. Sessions with discounted rates or coupons have reduced scheduling availability than full price sessions.
- Additionally, unforeseen natural or biological events are not a valid reason for a refund. In such cases your retainer payment will be good for a rescheduled shoot with no rescheduling fees.
- When booking a session you will be agreeing to these terms so hopefully you’re reading this so there are no misunderstandings or animosity at a later time :-)

Are they any additional costs
There are no additional costs related to any sessions to get the product/services as described on the session booking page. You can optionally order additional product/services above and beyond the product/services related to the session you paid for. Additional product/services are optional and not required to get the described product/services for the session you pay for. All fees for rescheduling shoots are listed above and will not change after booking your session. There are no hidden or surprise fees unless you are requesting something above and beyond what comes with the session.
I do need to charge for any incurred expenses. Unless you're doing an elaborate shoot that requires extra equipment, that will mean parking fees and other minor expenses if I am traveling to your location. If your shoot needs extra equipment, expendables, assistants or other expenses you will know the costs upfront.